Should You Sell Your Home in a Sellers Market?

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Should You Sell in a Seller’s Market?

by the McPherson Sister’s Real Estate Team
Should You Sell in a Seller's Market

Many sellers struggle to determine if selling their home during a seller’s market is the best idea. There are a lot of reasons that selling is a great idea and we’re here to help show you the best questions to answer to find out if selling right now is going to make the most money, help with your housing goals, and most importantly be the best decision for your family.

Are You Sick of Your House?

The first question that most sellers should ask themselves is if they don’t want to live in their house anymore. While this seems like a basic question, it’s a great way to figure out if getting rid of your home now is going to make more sense than waiting to sell in a home you don’t like.

We’ve found in this market that most people are making more off their home than they ever expected, even those who have only owned their home for 1-2 years! This is because of the high demand of buyers who are looking to get into their first home, people downsizing from larger homes, and buyers taking advantage of incredibly low interest rates!

If you were toying with the idea of moving out, you felt like you ended up purchasing a home that was too small the first time, or you’re just tired of being in the area that you bought in; you’re probably in the right position to sell your home right now.

Of course, if you’re not sure of the value of your home here are the best 3 steps to give you the best idea of what value your home is going to sell for. The following list offers the best 3 ways (in order) of how to know what your home is going to sell for.

  1. Give the McPherson Sister’s Real Estate Team a call
  2. Use our quick online valuation questionaire
  3. Utitlize ourĀ FREEĀ online home valuation tool

There are several items in the house that we see people getting tired of in their home and even if you feel like you can live with your house for a couple more years you may still want to sell as we discuss next!

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