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Orono, Wayzata, Delano, & Rockford School Districts

Medina is a city abounding in natural beauty and recreation. There are many natural resources accessible to our residents and visitors from the Lake Independence boat launch and Medina Lake’s boardwalk to Hamel Legion Park’s playground and ball fields. 

Medina preserves its rural character to the greatest extent possible by identifying ecologically significant natural features and natural greenway corridors on City maps, providing incentives for conservation-design and for protection of natural features. The City seeks to raise awareness among residents for good land stewardship to reduce nutrient loading to water bodies, thereby improving water quality in impaired lakes. Medina plans orderly east to west urbanization along existing infrastructure.

Medina seeks to provide a safe, healthy and sustainable community for present and future residents through efficient and effective service, while retaining its rural heritage and promoting recreational, residential and business activities.